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5 Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms for Safe Preserving in 2024

Dehydrating mushrooms is required to keep them longer and enjoy them later. It is also part of the process of making mushroom powder. The normal air-drying process may take too long and is not guaranteed to be effective.

It is imperative that you use the best dehydrator for mushrooms to achieve the desired results quickly. This will enhance the shelf life of mushrooms.

Dehydrators that don’t evenly distribute heat can result in uneven drying. Taking the time to read product reviews will help you to find a model that provides even drying, offers excellent features, and is worth your money.

Is It Safe to Dehydrate Mushrooms on a Dehydrator?

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Drying mushrooms in a dehydrator is generally safe. The proper safety depends on the quality of the dehydrator you are using.

For instance, the food may be contaminated if the dehydrator is made with materials containing BPA. You also need to follow the proper drying instructions that come with the dehydrator.

This will ensure that the mushrooms are properly and effectively dried. With these considerations in mind, you can safely and effectively dehydrate mushrooms on a dehydrator.

Do All Type Mushrooms Can Be Dehydrated?

rehydrate mushrooms

All edible mushrooms can be dehydrated. While there are many delicious and nutritious mushrooms, not all of them are safe to eat. In fact, some wild mushrooms can be quite deadly.

It is important to be able to distinguish between edible and poisonous varieties before consuming any mushroom. White button, cremini, portobello, shiitake, maitake, oyster, enoki, beech, and chanterelle mushrooms are all safe to eat and can be dried using a dehydrator.

When dehydrating mushrooms, you should always start with fresh, clean mushrooms that have been properly washed.

Do Mushrooms Lose Their Flavor When Dried on a Dehydrator?

You may wonder whether mushrooms lose their flavor when dehydrated in a dehydrator. The good news is that they actually retain their flavor quite well, so you do not need to worry about this.

Some mushrooms actually taste better when they are dried. This is because the drying process concentrates the flavors of the mushrooms. You can therefore expect dried mushrooms to have a similar or even superior flavor to fresh mushrooms.

If you are interested in obtaining the desired results from your mushroom drying process, make sure you select the appropriate dehydrator for the job.

How Does a Dehydrator Work?

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A dehydrator removes moisture from food by circulating hot air around it. The most basic type of dehydrator contains a heating element and a fan. After the plug is inserted into an outlet and turned on, the heater’s element is activated and heated. 

The air is blown over the heating element and up through the dehydrator during this process. Hot air rises and circulates around the food. As the air passes over the food, it removes moisture from it.

It is important to note that a dehydrator does not cook food. Dehydration only removes moisture from food. Multiple trays are usually included in dehydrators to permit the drying of different types of food simultaneously without mixing the flavors.

The trays are also perforated so that hot air can circulate evenly and ensure that all the water is removed. Mushrooms are especially well suited to dehydrating because they are high in water content.

By removing the water, they can be stored for much longer without spoiling. Some dehydrators also come with temperature-adjustable settings.

According to the user’s selected temperature, the heating element will automatically turn on and off in order to maintain the set temperature.

Reviews of the Best Dehydrator for Mushrooms

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To determine a good-quality dehydrator, you should research and read reviews. A review can provide valuable insight into a product’s performance, quality, and value. They can help you identify potential issues you may encounter with a particular dehydrator.

Reading reviews can help you determine which food dehydrators are the best on the market and help you formulate an accurate choice. Take a look at our top 5 mushroom dehydrators below.

1. VIVOHOME Electric 400w 8 Trays Food Dehydrator for Mushrooms

Highlighted Features:

  • 400 watts of drying power
  • Eight food-grade drying trays
  • Temperature and timer adjustable
  • Digital LED display screen
  • Dishwasher safe

About the Product:

The 400 watts of drying power in this food dehydrator from VIVOHOME will allow you to dry mushrooms in a short period. It has eight trays, which makes it possible to dry a large number of magic mushrooms at once.

This device features an adjustable timer and temperature function, which allows you to customize the drying process to achieve the best results.

Drying temperatures can be adjusted from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and the drying duration can be set between 0 and 24 hours. The digital LED display screen lets you keep track of the drying process.

Reasons That May Attract You:

As the outer body of this product is transparent, you can observe the mushrooms as they dehydrate. When mushrooms or other foods are dehydrated, their flavor is preserved. 

With a 97% vitamin and mineral retention rate, this food dehydrator ensures that your mushrooms will stay nutrient-rich and delicious.

A hot air fan will automatically switch on and off during the drying process to maintain a balanced temperature. It is safe to use this appliance since it is made of BPA-free materials.

This item is dishwashing safe, making it easy to maintain. In light of its overall features, the VIVOHOME electric 400w 8 trays food dehydrator may be worth considering.


  • Large drying capacity
  • Customizable timer and temperature function
  • Digital LED display for easy monitoring
  • Dehydrates food without losing flavor or nutrients
  • BPA-free materials for safety
  • Easy to clean as it is suitable for dishwashers


  • No instruction manual is included
  • Warming up top shelves may take a bit longer than bottom shelves

2. Commercial Chef CCD100w6 Food Dehydrator

Highlighted Features:

  • 280W of power
  • 5 circular trays
  • 104°-158°F temperature range
  • Safe for dishwasher use

About the Product:

This dehydrator from Commercial Chef is equipped with 280W of power, which is enough to dehydrate mushrooms and other foods efficiently.

The five trays allow you to dry large quantities of food at once, and the transparent door makes it easy to keep an eye on the progress.

With a temperature range of 104° – 158° F, this device can be used to dehydrate a variety of foods.

Reasons That May Attract You:

The Commercial Chef CCD100w6 food dehydrator preserves the flavor of your mushrooms or any food to enjoy them for longer.

All your food items will be dried uniformly during the drying process. It is easy to clean this appliance since it is suitable for dishwasher use. Whenever it is not in use, the appliance can easily be tucked away in a pantry or cupboard.


  • Powerful dehydration at 280 Watts
  • 5 circular trays provide plenty of space
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Compact, can be stored in a pantry or cupboard
  • Preserves the flavor of your food
  • Dehydrate a wide range of foods between 104° and 158° F


  • Trays are a little bit thin but good for careful use
  • Drying thicker items may take a little longer

3. Presto Dehydro 6 Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 trays for large batches
  • Digital thermostat and timer
  • 90-165°F temperature range
  • Dishwasher safe parts

About the Product:

Presto Dehydro offers this powerful dehydrator with six trays that can hold a lot of food at once, making it suitable for large batches. 

You will also receive sample packets to get you started right away. With its digital thermostat and timer, you can ensure precise drying times and temperatures for optimal results.

Reasons That May Attract You:

The temperature range of the Presto Dehydro 6 tray electric food dehydrator is 90 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows it to process anything from fruits and vegetables to meat and jerky.

You can relax knowing that your mushrooms will be healthy and delicious because it is free of additives and preservatives. Due to the heating element and bottom-mounted fan, optimum drying can be achieved without rotation.

Since they are all dishwasher safe, there is no need to worry about cleaning the drying trays, fruit roll sheets, and nonstick mesh screens. You may wish to consider the Presto Dehydro electric food dehydrator.


  • Six trays to accommodate a lot of food at once
  • It comes with sample packets of jerky spice and cure
  • The temperature range is suitable for various types of food
  • Digital thermostat and timer for controlled operation
  • Bottom mounted fan and heating element for optimum drying
  • Easy to clean dishwasher-safe parts


  • It may make a little bit of noise
  • Drying can be uneven in some cases

4. Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Highlighted Features:

  • 600 watts of drying power
  • Temperature range: 90°F – 160°F
  • Four trays, expandable to 12
  • Digital temperature control

About the Product:

Nesco’s food dehydrator has a drying power of 600 watts that can dehydrate mushrooms and other foods.

With a temperature range of 90°F-160°F, you can dehydrate a variety of foods with different needs, making this one appliance you can rely on for all your dried food needs. 

The unit comes with four trays, but it is expandable to 12 trays through the purchase of additional trays separately.

It comes with two fruit roll sheets, two clean-a-screens to help with the dehydrating process, and a sample of jerky seasoning and cure. There is also a 52-page recipe and instructions book to get started immediately.

Reasons That May Attract You:

You can rest assured that your food will come out just the way you want it every time with this appliance’s adjustable temperature.

It ensures that the mushrooms receive even heating and consistent drying, resulting in a good appearance and taste.

Due to its opaque exterior, this device protects the food from harmful light and maintains more nutrients and vitamins. The Nesco Snackmaster Pro food dehydrator doesn’t require fruit tray rotation, making it easy to use.


  • The opaque exterior protects food from harmful light
  • Digital temperature control for precise drying
  • No tray rotation required
  • Quick and even drying with 600 watts of power
  • It comes with four trays but can be expanded to 12 trays


  • Dehydrating wet foods may take a little longer

5. Chefman 5 Tray Food Dehydrator

Highlighted Features:

  • 350-watt appliance
  • 5 trays with 11.4″ diameter each
  • Adjustable tray height
  • Adjustable temperature control dial
  • Easy-to-clean design

About the Product:

Chefman’s dehydrator aids in the preservation and extending of the shelf life of food. This 350-watt appliance can rapidly and easily dehydrate mushrooms, making them suitable for long-term storage.

With five trays, this dehydrator can handle many mushrooms, making it a good choice for magic mushroom enthusiasts.

These trays measure 11.4 inches in diameter so that you can dehydrate mushrooms of various sizes.

Reasons That May Attract You:

You can adjust the tray height to suit your needs, and the design is transparent, so you can monitor your mushrooms as they dehydrate.

The adjustable temperature dial ensures that your mushrooms will be dried evenly and safely. Fruits, mushrooms, vegetables, meats, and herbs can all be dehydrated using this Chefman 5 tray food dehydrator.

The easy-to-clean design ensures that your appliance remains in top condition for long periods.


  • 5 trays can accommodate a large batch of mushrooms
  • Adjustable tray height for dehydration of a variety of sizes
  • Temperature control dial for even, and safe drying
  • Transparent design lets you monitor the foods
  • Easily cleanable


  • An instruction manual is not included
  • Some foods may take a long time to dehydrate

Comparison Chart of Mushroom Dehydrators:

Product NameWattageNumber of TraysTemperature RangeTimer
VIVOHOME Dehydrator Machine400 watts895 – 158 degree FahrenheitYes
Commercial Chef Food Dehydrator for Mushrooms100 watts5104 -158 degree FahrenheitNo
Presto Electric Dehydrator for Mushroom750 watts690 – 165 degree FahrenheitYes
Nesco Snackmaster Pro Digital Food Dehydrator600 watts490 – 160 degree FahrenheitYes
Chefman Food Dehydrator for Mushrooms350 watts5185 degrees FahrenheitNo

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Quality Dehydrator for Mushrooms

mason jars

The choice of a mushroom dehydrator should take into account several factors. There are various types and models of dehydrators on the market, so selecting one that will meet your specific needs is essential.

By keeping a few important factors in mind, you can narrow down your options and select the best food dehydrator for mushrooms. A few factors to consider are as follows:

1. Drying Power

A dehydrator’s drying power is essential when choosing one to dry mushrooms. The drying power of a dehydrator is a measure of how quickly the mushrooms can be dried. As the drying power increases, the dehydration process will be sped up. 

Choosing a dehydrator with a high drying power is recommended if you wish to dehydrate mushrooms quickly. Watts are the measurement of drying power.

An easy method for determining the dehydrator’s drying power is to look for the wattage labeled on the appliance. Depending on your needs, there are dehydrators with drying power ranging from 280 watts to over 750 watts.

To dehydrate mushrooms, this amount of power is sufficient. Dehydrators also have different power outputs based on their size. A bigger dehydrating device will require more watts to operate.

2. Capacity & Number of Trays

The capacity of a dehydrator is the maximum amount of assorted food that the appliance can dehydrate at one time. A dehydrator’s capacity is determined by the number and size of trays it includes. 

If you plan on drying large quantities of mushrooms, you will need a dehydrator with a high capacity. Dehydrators usually come with four or more trays.

Some dehydrators can support additional trays, which can be used to increase the capacity. Five to eight trays will be sufficient for most people who wish to dehydrate mushrooms. 

You may want to consider a dehydrator with more trays if you have a large family or entertain frequently. In most dehydrators, the number of trays is displayed on the front or side.

The owner’s manual and product specifications will provide you with information regarding the size and number of trays included with your dehydrator.

3. Temperature Range

Temperature Range

A dehydrator’s temperature range refers to the range between the highest and lowest temperature the appliance can reach. Dehydrators use various temperatures to dehydrate different types of ingredients.

For mushrooms to be properly dehydrated, choosing a dehydrator with a temperature range that includes the correct setting is essential. Most mushroom dehydrators have a temperature range of 95 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

This range is sufficient for dehydrating mushrooms. In the owner’s manual or the product specifications, you will find the temperature range of a dehydrator.

4. Timer & Temperature Control

Picking the best mushroom dehydrator means looking for one with a timer and temperature control. A timer allows the user to set the amount of time that the dehydrator will run for. 

This is beneficial because it takes away the guesswork in determining how long it will take to dehydrate the mushrooms properly. Once the set time has expired, a dehydrator with a timer will automatically shut off.

Temperature control allows the user to select the temperature at which the dehydrator will operate. There is an important reason for this since different types of foods require different temperatures for drying.

Check the owner’s manual to determine whether a dehydrator has a timer and thermostat. Some dehydrators have both features, while others may have just one or the other.

Look for a dehydrator that is both temperature- and time-controlled. The dehydration process will be more controlled this way, and you will be more likely to achieve the desired results.

5. Material

It is important to consider the material of a dehydrator because it will determine the durability and longevity of the appliance. In general, stainless steel and plastic are the two most common materials used in dehydrators.

Make sure the plastic is food-grade and does not contain BPA. Material such as this plays an important role in ensuring safety. It is also essential to consider the dehydrator’s durability.

You can read product reviews to understand how well a dehydrator is constructed. This will allow you to select the best dehydrator for drying mushrooms.

6. Heat Distribution

Heat Distribution

When dehydrating mushrooms, it is important to consider how the heat is distributed within the dehydrator. If the heat is not evenly distributed, then some of the mushrooms will be dried more than others.

This can cause inconsistency in the final product. When researching different dehydrators, look for the best dehydrator for shrooms that comes with a fan or other type of heat distribution system.

In this way, you will be able to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the dehydrator, enabling you to achieve more consistent results.

7. LED Display

Having an LED display on a dehydrator can be beneficial because it allows the user to easily monitor the dehydration process’s progress.

The display will show the current temperature and the time remaining. This is helpful information to have so that you can make sure the mushrooms are drying correctly.

Not all dehydrators come with an LED display, but it is something worth considering if you want to be able to monitor the drying process easily. When looking for the best dehydrator for cubensis, consider one with an LED display.

8. Portability & Storage

When selecting a dehydrator, portability and storage are important factors to consider. If you plan to use the dehydrator while traveling, then it is important to choose one that is lightweight and easy to pack. 

Some dehydrators come with carrying cases, which can help store and transport the appliance. If you have limited storage space, then you will want to choose a dehydrator that is compact in size.

9. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning of the dehydrator should be taken into consideration. Some models come with dishwasher-safe parts, which can help clean the appliance. If the dehydrator does not have dishwasher-safe parts, you will need to clean it by hand.

Ensure that the dehydrator is dishwasher safe by reading the owner’s manual or product specifications. This will assist you in selecting the best food dehydrator for cubensis.

How to Clean Mushrooms Before Dehydrating?

How to Clean Mushrooms Before Dehydrating

Cleaning mushrooms before dehydrating them is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for preserving the fungi. If there is too much contamination on the surface of the mushrooms, this can lead to mold or bacteria growth.

While washing mushrooms under running water is possible, this is not the recommended method as it can cause the fungi to absorb too much water. Instead, wiping the pollutants off with a damp paper towel is best.

This will help to remove any contaminants without damaging the mushrooms. Once they are clean, you can proceed with dehydrating them according to your chosen method.

What Size Do You Need to Cut for Dehydrating Mushrooms?

What Size Do You Need to Cut for Dehydrating Mushrooms

The best size to cut mushrooms for dehydration is 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. This thickness will ensure that the mushroom dries evenly without over-drying or under-drying in any one spot.

If you like your mushrooms to have a little more texture, then go for the 1/2-inch slices. Keep in mind that the thicker the slices, the longer it will take for them to dehydrate completely.

So if you are in a hurry, stick to the thinner pieces. When it comes to cutting mushrooms for dehydration, it’s all about finding the right balance of thickness and drying time.

How to Dry Mushroom In a Food Dehydrator?

Dehydrating mushrooms is an easy process that anyone can undertake. It is necessary to follow a few simple steps to achieve the best results.

Make sure you buy fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and sliced into even pieces. Open up the dehydrator and arrange the mushrooms on the trays.

Dry them evenly without touching each other. Close the dehydrator and set it to the desired temperature.

Generally, you need to set the dehydrator at about 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The drying time will depend on the dehydrator type and the slices’ thickness.

Thinner slices will dry faster than thick ones. Dehydrating mushrooms completely may take anywhere from three to eight hours.

How to Tell When Mushrooms Are Dehydrated Completely?

Checking the consistency of mushrooms is the easiest way to determine when they are ready. Fresh mushrooms are plump and slightly moist. When they are fully dehydrated, they will be dry to the touch and somewhat brittle.

Take one out of the dehydrator and allow it to cool to room temperature to determine whether they are ready.

After it has cooled, try breaking it in half. If it crumbles easily, then it is done. When it bends or is still pliable, it needs to be dehydrated for a longer period.

How Long Will Dehydrated Mushrooms Last?

The answer depends on a few factors, including how they are stored. Generally speaking, dried mushrooms can last indefinitely if stored in a dark, dry place, such as the back of a closet or the freezer.

If they are exposed to light or moisture, they will start to deteriorate and should be used within a few months.

To extend their shelf life even further, you can vacuum seal dried mushrooms in an airtight container. When stored properly, the dried mushroom will retain its flavor and texture for long periods.

Enjoy the Nutritious Dried Mushrooms With Quality Dehydrator

Enjoy the Nutritious Dried Mushrooms With Quality Dehydrator

You now understand why you need the best dehydrator for mushrooms. You may now have all the answers to any questions you may have had regarding dehydrating mushrooms.

All of the products we have reviewed here are of high quality and come from top brands. You can choose any of them without any hesitation. Just compare their features and choose the one that best suits your needs.

You should also consider the factors we discussed in our buying guide when making your decision. This way, you can pick a suitable dehydrator for you. You can then eat the nutritious and delicious dried foods and mushrooms at any time.

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