Best Rice Storage Containers

10 Best Rice Storage Containers to Keep Your Grains Fresh and Organized

If you want to keep your rice fresh and organized, try containers like Chefs Path Extra Large (6.5L) or the OXO Good Grips POP (2.8 Qt). LOCK & LOCK’s 50.7 Cup container and the U-miss 25 Lbs dispenser are excellent choices.

Rubbermaid Brilliance (12-Cup) and Lifewit’s BPA-Free dispenser offer great options, too. Containers like TBMax (5 Lbs.) and HANAMYA (10 Liter) are perfect if you need versatility and practical features such as measuring cups and pour spouts.

These containers guarantee long-lasting freshness and convenience to your kitchen. Explore further to see which one suits your needs the best.

Key Takeaways

  • Airtight seals ensure maximum freshness and protection against pests.
  • BPA-free materials guarantee safe food storage and durability.
  • Stackable and space-saving designs optimize kitchen organization.
  • Built-in measuring cups and pour spouts enhance convenience and ease of use.
  • Transparent containers allow easy monitoring of rice levels for steady supply.

Chefs Path Extra Large Food Storage Containers (2 Pack, 6.5L)

Chef's Path Extra Large Food Storage Containers with Lids Airtight (6.5L|220 Oz|2 Pack) for Flour, Sugar, Rice & Baking Supply - Airtight Kitchen & Pantry Bulk Food Storage for Kitchen Organization
  • [Superior Flour and Sugar Containers] - 2 BPA-free large airtight food storage containers (7.3 x 6 x...
  • [Freshness Preserved] - These tall plastic food containers come with side-locking lids and silicone...
  • [Unlimited Storage Possibilities] - These containers for organizing pantry are ideal for storing dry...

For anyone looking to keep their grains fresh and organized, the Chefs Path Extra Large Food Storage Containers (2 Pack, 6.5L) offer an airtight, BPA-free solution that’s perfect for maintaining freshness and maximizing kitchen space. These containers feature side-locking lids and a silicone seal, ensuring your rice and other dry foods stay fresh and free from moisture.

With their space-saving, stackable design, you can easily organize your pantry without clutter. Measuring 7.3L x 6W x 11.2H inches, they hold up to 10 pounds of sugar or other dry goods, making them versatile for storing flour, cereals, beans, and more. Customers rave about their durability and the included accessories like labels and measuring cups, enhancing your kitchen organization experience.

Best For: Anyone looking to maintain the freshness of dry foods and maximize kitchen organization with airtight, stackable storage solutions.


  • Airtight side-locking lids with silicone seals for maximum freshness.
  • BPA-free and safe for dishwasher and microwave use.
  • Large 6.5L capacity, perfect for holding up to 10 pounds of sugar or other dry goods.


  • May be too large for small kitchens with limited storage space.

OXO Good Grips POP Container – Airtight Food Storage (2.8 Qt)

OXO Good Grips POP Container - Airtight Food Storage - 2.8 Qt for Rice, Sugar and More
  • OXO good grips POP containers’ airtight, space-efficient design keeps dry foods fresh and your...
  • New shapes, sizes and BPA free, dishwasher-safe construction stack perfectly with all POP containers...
  • Convenient fill line makes it easy to store staples like cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, coffee,...

The OXO Good Grips POP Container‘s airtight seal makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their rice and other dry goods fresh and organized. With a 2.8-quart capacity, this BPA-free container is perfect for storing up to 89.6 fluid ounces of rice.

Its space-efficient design and stackable nature make it easy to fit into any pantry. Plus, the push-button mechanism guarantees an airtight seal, keeping your grains fresh. The container features a convenient fill line for easy measuring and the lid doubles as a sturdy handle.

Dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning, it’s no surprise that this container boasts a 4.6-star rating from 36,000 satisfied customers. You’ll love its quality and functionality in your kitchen.

Best For: Individuals looking to keep their dry goods fresh and organized with a space-efficient, airtight storage solution.


  • Airtight seal ensures freshness.
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
  • Stackable design saves space in the pantry.


  • May require careful handling of the push-button mechanism.

LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Storage Container (50.7 Cup)

LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Lids (Flip-Top) / Pantry Storage, BPA Free, Top-50.7 Cup-for Rice, Clear
  • Smart kitchen storage: Get your pantry perfectly organized with the Easy Essentials Pantry 50.7-Cup...
  • Durable: Strong, lightweight design makes it easy to grab ingredients right from the shelf
  • No mess, stays fresh: Enhanced silicone seal keep foods fresh longer and prevents spills

Ideal for anyone seeking to keep their grains fresh and organized, the LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Storage Container (50.7 Cup) boasts a lightweight design with an enhanced silicone seal ensuring airtight storage. This BPA-free container is perfect for dry goods, including rice, flour, and pet food.

Its convenient flip-top lid and included measuring cup make portion control a breeze. You’ll appreciate its versatility—store it in your pantry, refrigerator, or cupboard. With dimensions of 9.1L x 13.8W x 10.6H inches, it holds an impressive 50.7 cups (405 fluid ounces).

Users rave about its sturdy construction and ease of cleaning, as it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. For best performance, consider replacing the silicone rings periodically.

Best For: Individuals looking to keep bulk dry goods like rice, flour, and pet food fresh and organized.


  • BPA-free, airtight, and leak-resistant for maximum freshness
  • Convenient flip-top lid with a measuring cup for easy portion control
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe for versatile use


  • Not recommended for storing liquids

U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser for Kitchen Storage

U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser, Large Grain Container Storage with Lid Measuring Cylinder Moisture Proof Household Cereal Dispenser Bucket for Kitchen Soybean Corn
  • Large capacity: The rice dispenser can hold 22-25 pounds of rice or other grains. (Hint: Capacity...
  • One Touch Dispense: Conveniently adjust and measure amounts of rice dispensed with just one touch.
  • Measuring Cup with Scale: Package includes rice measuring cup with scale, which allows for accurate...

You’ll love the U-miss 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser if you need a large-capacity, easy-to-use storage solution for keeping your grains fresh and organized. This dispenser holds up to 25 pounds of rice or grains, making it perfect for bulk storage.

With its One Touch Dispense feature, you can easily measure out the exact amount you need using the included measuring cup with a scale. It’s versatile enough for storing cereal, pasta, and more. The BPA-free material guarantees safety and quality.

Measuring 13.4L x 6.7W x 16.1H inches, this space-saving, rectangular container fits neatly in your kitchen. Users praise its sturdy design, ease of use, and ability to keep grains fresh and sealed.

Best For: Individuals looking for a large-capacity, easy-to-use storage solution to keep grains fresh and organized.


  • Large capacity, holding up to 25 pounds of rice or grains.
  • Easy dispensing with the One Touch Dispense feature and included measuring cup.
  • Made from safe, BPA-free material.


  • Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe.

Rubbermaid Brilliance 12-Cup Airtight Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance 12-Cup Airtight Food Storage Container, Perfect for Pantry Staples, Clear/Grey
  • 12-Cup Capacity: Ample storage for all your pantry staples
  • Airtight & Leak-Proof: To ensure food freshness and prevent spills
  • Clear Design: For easy content identification

Looking for a storage solution that keeps your grains fresh? The Rubbermaid Brilliance 12-Cup Airtight Food Storage Container is an excellent choice. With its airtight and leak-proof design, this container guarantees your rice stays fresh and free from moisture. Its clear, rectangular shape lets you easily identify contents, making pantry organization a breeze.

The container’s thick, stain-resistant walls are built to last, and it’s both freezer and dishwasher-safe.

Measuring 7.9 x 5.4 x 7.1 inches, it accommodates a variety of pantry staples like rice, flour, and cereals. Customers appreciate its easy-to-use latch closure and modular, stackable design. While some find it pricey, most agree on its durability and effectiveness.

Made in the USA, this BPA-free container is a solid investment for your kitchen.

Best For: Home cooks and organizers looking for a durable, airtight container to keep pantry staples fresh and easily accessible.


  • Airtight and leak-proof design ensures food stays fresh.
  • Clear, stain-resistant walls for easy content identification.
  • Modular and stackable, saving space in the pantry.


  • May be considered pricey compared to similar containers.

Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers with Pourable Spout & Measuring Cup

Uppetly Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Storage Bin Dispenser with Pourable Spout, Measuring cup for Cereal, Flour and Baking Supplies, Include a Stainless Steel Whisk
  • PERFECT for KITCHEN and PANTRY STORAGE: this rice storage container also fit for Cereal, Flour,...
  • PORTABLE POURING with HAND GRIP: this small and convient container wich can storage around 2.5KG...
  • CLEAR and AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS: it's a really clear plastic container. You can identify the contents...

For anyone seeking a convenient and airtight solution for storing rice and other dry foods, the Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers with a pourable spout and measuring cup from Uppetly offer a practical and user-friendly design. These BPA-free containers feature a 4-sided locking lid and silicone seal to keep your grains fresh.

The ergonomic grip and portable design make pouring effortless, while the clear material lets you see contents easily. Users appreciate the included measuring cup, though some suggest marking their own measurement lines for accuracy. With dimensions of 7.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches, they fit well in pantry drawers and small cabinets.

Available on Amazon with high ratings, these containers are perfect for organizing your kitchen.

Best For: Anyone looking for an airtight and convenient storage solution for rice and other dry foods, with easy pouring and measuring capabilities.


  • Airtight seal keeps contents fresh.
  • Ergonomic grip and portable design for easy pouring.
  • Clear container allows for easy visibility of contents.


  • May require marking own measurement lines for precision.

Lifewit Rice Dispenser 25 Lbs with Measuring Cup (BPA-Free)

Lifewit Rice Dispenser 25 Lbs(11.3kg), Rice Storage Container Sealed Moisture Proof with Measuring Cup for Kitchen Pantry Household, BPA-Free
  • Large Capacity: This rice storage container can hold 25lb (11.3kg) of rice, allowing you to store...
  • Sealed Design: This rice dispenser is made of premium PP material, and is durable for long term use....
  • Easy to Use: Simply press the button to dispense rice, and release it to stop. With transparent...

The Lifewit Rice Dispenser 25 Lbs with Measuring Cup (BPA-Free) is perfect for anyone seeking a compact and efficient solution to keep their grains fresh and organized. With a 25lb capacity, it’s designed to store large quantities of rice.

Made from durable polypropylene with a sealing ring, it prevents dust and odors from getting in. You’ll find it easy to dispense rice with a simple button, and the transparent scales make measurement a breeze.

The multipurpose measuring cup, equipped with clear scale markings and holes for rinsing, enhances your cooking experience. Despite its large capacity, its compact design makes it a space saver, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen.

Plus, it’s backed by positive customer reviews and high ratings.

Best For: Anyone seeking a compact and efficient solution for storing and dispensing large quantities of rice while keeping it fresh and organized.


  • Large 25lb capacity that helps store a significant amount of rice.
  • Sealed design with a sealing ring that prevents dust and odors.
  • Multipurpose measuring cup with clear scale markings and holes for rinsing rice.


  • May be an issue with the lid not sealing properly, affecting airtightness.

Rice Airtight Storage Container with Measuring Cup

Viretec Rice Airtight Storage Container, 3 to 5Lbs Cereal Dry Food Flour Bin, Pet Dog Cat Food Dispenser with Measuring Cup, BPA Free Clear Plastic Kitchen and Pantry Organization Bin for Sugar
  • SMART KITCHEN STORAGE CONTAINER: make your pantry perfectly organized with this smart container....
  • RICE DISPENSER with POURING SPOUT: it adopts an ergonomic handle, comes with a measuring cup. The...
  • BPA FREE and FOOD GRADE PLASTIC: Viretec container is made of high quality fairly sturdy durable...

Perfect for anyone who wants to keep their dry goods fresh and organized, the Rice Airtight Storage Container with Measuring Cup offers a secure, airtight seal with four strong buckles and a convenient built-in measuring cup. Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic, this container is perfect for storing rice, beans, flour, sugar, coffee, nuts, and even pet food.

The clear design lets you easily see what’s inside, and the ergonomic handle and pouring spout make dispensing a breeze. Customers love its quality and functionality, though some find the lid tricky to close at first.

With a 20-cup capacity and dishwasher-safe design, it’s both practical and easy to maintain. You’ll appreciate the convenience and freshness it brings to your kitchen.

Best For: Perfect for anyone who wants to keep their dry goods fresh and organized with a secure airtight seal and convenient measuring cup.


  • Airtight seal with four strong buckles ensures freshness
  • Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic for safe storage
  • Clear design for easy identification of contents


  • Only available in one size, limiting storage for larger quantities

HANAMYA 10 Liter Rice Storage Container with Measuring Cup

HANAMYA 10 Liter / 20 lbs Rice Storage Container with Measuring Cup, BPA free, For Rice | Grain | Pet Food | Flour, 1 count, White
  • This Food Storage Container is made of BPA-free PP material, comes with a serving cup.
  • Airtight Silicone Sealed Cover with one Flip Lid and 6 Locks: Keep rice, flour, corn, beans, or pet...
  • 10 Liter-9.7"Wx15.6"Dx10.3"H, holds approximately 20 lbs of rice or 10 lbs of pet dry food.

If you’re looking for a durable and airtight solution to keep your rice fresh, the HANAMYA 10 Liter Rice Storage Container with Measuring Cup is an excellent choice. Made of BPA-free PP material, this container holds up to 20 lbs of rice.

It features an airtight silicone-sealed cover with a flip lid and six locks, ensuring your grains stay fresh. The design includes a handle and two wheels for easy movement.

With dimensions of 15.6L x 9.7W x 10.3H inches, it fits comfortably in most storage spaces. Customers rave about its durability, easy cleaning, and the convenience of a clear top and measuring cup.

With a 4.5-star rating from 735 reviews, it’s a reliable option for bulk rice storage.

Best For: Individuals looking for a durable, airtight storage solution to keep up to 20 lbs of rice or 10 lbs of pet dry food fresh and easily accessible.


  • BPA-free PP material ensures safe and durable storage.
  • Airtight silicone-sealed cover with flip lid and six locks keeps food fresh.
  • Convenient handle and wheels for easy movement and storage.


  • The container may not fit in smaller storage spaces due to its dimensions.

TBMax Small Airtight Dry Food Container (5 Lbs)

TBMax Rice Storage Container 5 Lbs, Small Airtight Dry Food Container for Flour Cereal Pasta Kitchen Pantry Organization -Red
  • 🍚TBMax rice storage container is ideal for storing dry food like flour, sugar, grains, nuts,...
  • 🍚EASY POURING - The rice dispenser features a pouring spout makes it a breeze to dispense your...
  • 🍚AIR-TIGHT FOOD CONTAINER - The lid shut tightly with latches and silicone gaskets to seal in...

For anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution, the TBMax Small Airtight Dry Food Container (5 Lbs) offers an airtight seal and clear visibility to keep your grains fresh.

With a 5 lbs capacity for rice and 3.5 lbs for flour, it’s perfect for various dry foods like pasta and oatmeal. The airtight lid with latches and silicone gaskets guarantees your food stays fresh and leak-resistant.

BPA-free and dishwasher safe, this container is easy to clean and maintain. The built-in pouring spout and measuring cup add convenience, though a few users noted some inaccuracy with the measuring cup.

Overall, customers love its usability and airtight seal, making it a solid choice for your kitchen storage needs.

Best For: Those looking for a reliable, airtight container to keep their dry foods fresh and easily accessible.


  • Airtight lid with latches and silicone gaskets ensures food stays fresh.
  • Built-in pouring spout and measuring cup for added convenience.
  • Made of BPA-free material and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Limited capacity may not be suitable for larger quantities of food.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Rice Storage Containers

When selecting rice storage containers, prioritize material quality to guarantee durability and safety. Seek out airtight sealing to maintain the freshness of your grains and protect them from pests.

Take into account storage capacity, ease of use, and space efficiency to cater to your specific needs.

Material Quality

Choosing the right material for your rice storage container is essential for keeping your grains fresh and safe. You want to look for containers made of high-quality, durable materials like BPA-free plastic or food-grade PP. These materials aren’t only safe for storing food but also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your container will last for a long time.

When selecting a container, make sure it’s easy to clean and maintain. Durable materials can withstand frequent washing without degrading, preventing any build-up of residue that could affect the quality of your rice.

Additional features can also enhance the functionality of your storage solution. Some containers offer measuring cups, pour spouts, or handles, making it easier to measure, pour, and carry your rice. These features add convenience and can save you time during meal prep.

Airtight Sealing

An airtight seal is essential for keeping your rice fresh and free from moisture, pests, and contaminants. When you choose a storage container with a reliable airtight seal, you guarantee that your rice stays dry and maintains its quality and flavor for longer periods. This is important because air and humidity can lead to spoilage or infestation, which can ruin your entire supply of rice.

A proper airtight seal also helps retain the aroma, texture, and nutritional value of the stored rice. Without a secure seal, external elements can easily penetrate the container, compromising the integrity of your rice. The last thing you want is to discover that your rice has been invaded by pests or has absorbed unwanted moisture, rendering it unusable.

When selecting a rice storage container, prioritize those with dependable airtight sealing mechanisms. This might include options like silicone gaskets, locking clips, or twist-on lids that create a tight barrier against the outside environment. By focusing on airtight sealing, you can ensure your rice remains in excellent condition, ready for use whenever you need it.

Don’t compromise on this critical feature if you want your rice to stay fresh and delicious.

Storage Capacity

Determining the appropriate storage capacity is crucial for keeping your rice fresh and accessible. To decide on the right container size, consider how much rice you typically use. If you have a larger family or consume rice frequently, opt for a container with a higher capacity, such as 20-25 lbs. This guarantees you always have enough rice on hand without needing constant refills.

For smaller households or if you don’t cook rice as often, containers with capacities around 5-10 lbs are more practical. These smaller containers help prevent rice from going stale and taking up unnecessary space.

Additionally, assess the available storage space in your kitchen or pantry. Make sure the container you choose fits comfortably in your designated storage area. There’s no point in buying a large container if you don’t have the space to store it conveniently.

A transparent container design can be beneficial too. It allows you to easily monitor the rice levels and know when it’s time for a refill, maintaining a steady supply without overstocking.

Ease of Use

When picking out a rice storage container, prioritize features that make accessing and handling your grains effortless. Look for containers equipped with measuring cups and pour spouts. These additions simplify portioning and prevent spills, saving you time and effort.

An easy-to-use lid is essential for hassle-free access, ensuring you can quickly get to your rice without fuss.

Consider ergonomic handles or even wheels, which make moving and handling the container a breeze. Some containers offer stackable designs, adding convenience when organizing your storage space.

Airtight containers with secure seals are essential for maintaining rice freshness. They protect against moisture, pests, and odors, ensuring your grains stay in excellent condition.

Clear visibility is another beneficial feature. Containers with transparent sides let you easily monitor rice levels and differentiate between various types of rice at a glance. This helps with meal planning and keeps you aware of when it’s time to restock.

Finally, choose dishwasher-safe containers for straightforward cleaning and maintenance. This feature saves you time and ensures your container remains hygienic and ready for use.

Prioritizing these ease-of-use factors will greatly enhance your rice storage experience.

Space Efficiency

To make the most of your kitchen space, choose rice storage containers with dimensions that fit efficiently in your pantry or cabinet. Look for containers that maximize storage without taking up unnecessary room. Square or rectangular shapes are your best bet, as they typically utilize space more effectively than round ones. They can easily align with the edges of your shelves, minimizing wasted gaps.

Opt for stackable designs to further save on space. Stackable containers allow you to build upwards, creating a neat and organized storage system. This approach not only makes effective use of vertical space but also keeps your pantry looking orderly. Make sure these containers are stable when stacked to avoid any kitchen mishaps.

Another important aspect to consider is the container’s capacity. Make sure it meets your needs without being excessively large. An oversized container might hog precious space, whereas a smaller one mightn’t hold enough rice, leading to cluttered storage with multiple containers. Balance is key.

Cleaning Convenience

While maximizing space efficiency is important, you also need to think about how easy it’s to clean your rice storage containers. Choosing dishwasher-safe containers makes your life much easier, saving time and ensuring a thorough clean.

Look for containers with smooth surfaces and simple designs, as they’re far easier to clean effectively than those with intricate patterns or hard-to-reach corners. Smooth surfaces prevent grains from getting stuck and reduce the buildup of residues that can affect the freshness of your rice.

Removable parts or components are another aspect to ponder. These allow you to disassemble the container for a more thorough cleaning when needed, ensuring that every nook and cranny is spotless.

Containers made of materials that resist staining are also a wise choice. Stain-resistant materials are easier to wipe down and maintain, keeping your containers looking fresh and clean.

Design Features

Picking the right rice storage container involves considering key design features that can enhance both functionality and convenience in your kitchen. One essential feature is the lid design. Look for containers with airtight seals and easy-open mechanisms to guarantee your rice stays fresh for longer. Airtight seals prevent moisture and pests from getting in, while easy-open lids make accessing your rice hassle-free.

Another important feature is built-in measuring tools. Containers with integrated measuring cups or scales allow for accurate portioning, which is essential for consistent cooking results. This feature saves you time and reduces the need for additional kitchen tools.

Material choice is also crucial. Opt for containers made from BPA-free plastics or other food-grade materials to ensure your rice is stored safely. These materials not only keep your rice fresh but also prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into your food.

Don’t overlook additional features like pour spouts, handles, or wheels. Pour spouts make transferring rice effortless, handles provide easy carrying, and wheels help you move larger containers with ease.

Also, consider stackable or space-saving designs to maximize your kitchen or pantry space. These features create a more organized and efficient storage system.

Durability and Longevity

When selecting rice storage containers, prioritize those made from durable materials like BPA-free plastic or PP to guarantee they last over time. These materials not only secure the longevity of the containers but also keep your rice safe from harmful chemicals.

Airtight seals and secure locking mechanisms are essential for keeping rice fresh and free from contaminants. Look for containers with silicone seals, multiple latches, and flip-top lids, which contribute to a longer lifespan and better preservation of your grains. These features prevent moisture and pests from getting in, maintaining the rice’s quality.

Additionally, you’ll want containers that offer clear visibility or come with measuring cups. This helps you easily monitor rice levels and manage usage without constantly opening the container, which can expose the rice to air and reduce its freshness.

And, consider containers with wheels or handles for convenient movement and storage in your kitchen or pantry. These added features not only make it easier to transport heavy rice containers but also ensure they can withstand regular handling without wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Properly Clean and Maintain My Rice Storage Container?

To clean your rice storage container, wash it with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Make sure it’s completely dry before refilling to prevent mold. Regularly check for any residue and clean as needed.

Are These Containers Safe for Dishwasher Use?

You’ve hit the nail on the head! Yes, these containers are generally safe for dishwasher use. Just consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure they’re top-rack safe, and you’ll keep them sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Can I Store Other Grains Besides Rice in These Containers?

Yes, you can store other grains besides rice in these containers. They’re designed to keep various grains fresh and organized. You’ll find them versatile enough for quinoa, barley, oats, and even beans.

How Do Airtight Seals Impact the Freshness of Rice?

Airtight seals are a game-changer! They prevent moisture and pests from getting in, ensuring your rice stays fresh for ages. You’ll notice your grains remain crisp and flavorful, making every meal taste just right.

What Materials Are Best for Rice Storage Containers to Ensure Food Safety?

It would be best if you chose containers made of food-grade plastic, glass, or stainless steel. These materials don’t leach chemicals into your rice, ensuring food safety. Plus, they’re easy to clean and durable for long-term use.


You can’t go wrong with any of these high-quality storage containers for keeping your rice fresh and organized. From the spacious Chef’s Path to the ultra-durable Rubbermaid Brilliance, there’s something for everyone.

Think of these containers as the knights guarding your precious grains, ensuring they stay fresh and ready for your next culinary adventure.

So, pick your favorite and let your kitchen shine with organized perfection.

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